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VideoExcell Security, Inc. is a full-service professional security firm providing a complete range of standard and customized private security services to clients throughout Southern California.

Established in 2000, Excell Security, Inc. has quickly grown into the leading provider of private security services in Southern California. The reason is simple: Excell Security is not like any other security services company. With offices in San Diego and Orange Counties, Excell Security Inc., has established a nation-wide reputation for innovation, reliability, quality service at competitive prices, and complete customer satisfaction.

The firm has earned a following of loyal customers based upon its commitment to integrity, professional excellence and sound business management.

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Nightclub Security
Excell Security, Inc. offers a turn-key security solution designed specifically to meet the needs of nightclub owners and managers. Unique in the industry today, the innovative Nightclub Security Program from Excell Security offers a complete, professional and cost-effective solution to nightclub security needs.
COMPLETE Security Services
complete security services Excell Security, Inc. offers a wide range of professional security services & programs which can be custom-tailored to meet your specific needs, including guards, patrols & consulting services.