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Excell Security, Inc. is a full-service professional security firm providing a complete range of standard and customized private security services. We are fully licensed, certified and insured to provide all phases of private security, including:


Customer Service
Excell Security is an owner-operated company. We believe our strength is our dedication to consumer service. In our view, the customer’s needs come first. Period.

Supervision is one of the most critical aspects in servicing a security program. It requires disciplined personnel and quality management. At Excell Security, our supervision programs allow us to maintain the highest levels of employee job performance. Quality supervision is ensured through our 24-hour service, field supervisors, customer service representatives, management and executive-level personnel.

Customer Service Representatives (CSR) - Every account is assigned a CSR, who is responsible for the day-to-day activity and interaction with the client. During business hours your CSR is accessible at any time via radio or telephone. In addition, CSRs are available 24 hours per day to assist you and answer any question you have. CSR's are responsible for changes in scheduling, maintaining post orders, reviewing all reports, and following up on all incidents.

Field Supervisors - Visits are made to every client site after hours to provide quality control. These inspections are random and unannounced. Supervisors will inspect the officers in the areas of Uniform Appearance, Post Instruction, Alertness, Report Writing, General Knowledge, Equipment and Guard Check, Policy & Procedures.

Technology – Excell Security pioneered the use of Global Positioning technology to monitor our guards and personnel. Our GPOS enabled cell phones permit us to track our guards’ location 24 hours a day and to provide reports as to their location at any time.

All security guards are required to meet the minimum training standards of the State of California. However, all security personnel employed by Excell Security must complete additional comprehensive training in such areas as Uniform Appearance and Upkeep, Evidence Handling and Report Writing, Communications, Community Relations, Decision Making, Ethics, First Aid/CPR, Combative Behavior, and Hospitality/Event staffing.