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Essential Steps to Prepare Your Home for Fumigation with Added Security Measures

July 18, 20233 min read

"Security is not just a feeling, it's a well-planned strategy to protect what matters most. By taking proactive steps to secure your home, you create a safe haven where peace of mind thrives." - Unknown


Fumigating your home for pest control or termite treatment is an effective way to eliminate infestations and protect your property. However, ensuring the safety and security of your home during the fumigation process is equally important. In this blog post, we will guide you through some of the essential steps to prepare your home for fumigation while incorporating additional security measures to provide peace of mind.

Security During Home Fumigation

With that said, here are 6 things you can do to prepare for fumigating your home with a tent.

1. Notify the Fumigation Company and Discuss Security Needs:

When scheduling the fumigation appointment, promptly inform the fumigation company about your security concerns. Discuss any specific security requirements or considerations you may have, such as the need for on-site security guards during the fumigation process. Clear communication will help the fumigation company address your concerns and make appropriate arrangements.

2. Remove Living Things and Secure Valuables:

To protect the safety of your loved ones and pets, relocate them from the premises during fumigation. Arrange suitable accommodations and ensure they are in a secure and monitored environment. Additionally, secure your valuable belongings by storing them in a locked cabinet or designated storage unit to prevent unauthorized access.

3. Coordinate with a Professional Security Service:

Consider hiring a professional security service to provide an added layer of protection for your property during the fumigation process. They can deploy trained security guards who will monitor the premises, deter any potential intruders, and ensure the safety of your home and belongings throughout the fumigation period.

4. Prepare and Seal Food Items:

Remove all unsealed food items from your home to prevent contamination during fumigation. Properly seal and store consumables in appropriate containers or double-bag them using specialized bags provided by the fumigation company. This precautionary measure ensures the safety and integrity of your food supplies.

5. Follow Fumigation Preparations and Security Recommendations:

Adhere to the specific instructions provided by the fumigation company regarding preparations for the process. This may include opening doors and cabinets, raising blinds and opening drapes, and ensuring clear access to necessary areas.

6. Communicate with Neighbors and Alert Security Service:

Notify your neighbors about the upcoming fumigation process and inform them of any security arrangements you have made. This open communication fosters a cooperative and informed community environment. Additionally, communicate the fumigation schedule to your hired security service, providing them with essential information to effectively carry out their duties.

Preparation Checklist for Home Fumigation:

  • Notify fumigation company

  • Arrange accommodations for people and pets

  • Secure valuables

  • Hire professional security

  • Remove people, pets, and plants

  • Seal and store food

  • Follow company's instructions

  • Open doors and cabinets, Raise blinds, open drapes

  • Clear access to areas

  • Turn off heat sources, unplug appliances

  • Rake back gravel or mulch

  • Provide keys for fumigator

  • Stay away until clearance given

    Note: Consult fumigation company for specific instructions.

Conclusion: Preparing your home for fumigation involves not only ensuring the effectiveness of pest control or termite treatment but also safeguarding your property. By following the essential steps and incorporating additional security measures, such as hiring professional security services, you can achieve a successful fumigation process with enhanced protection. Consult with the fumigation company and your chosen security service to tailor the preparations to your specific needs, ensuring the safety and security of your home throughout the fumigation period.

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Stacy Mackey

Stacy Mackey is Office Manager at Excell Security, Inc.

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